Slump, Slump, Slump! 
What a seductive shiny instrument
What a glass forge vision


Boiling, Sinking,.Slumping..
This phenomenon merges
where beauty and ugliness become impossible classifications


Grandma would love it here.
Where hierarchies are non-existent, 
the glass literally flattens


The end of the slump formalises the endless possibility

Glass without heat has no harbour, 
but reprieves from annealing

Slump Studio helps to alleviate the headache of preference
. Slump Studio hopes you will like it here....

Slump Studio likes to dethrone things -
 whether inside or outside our heads. We find that most solo-artistic offerings leave us in competition against one another,, instead of togetherVisibly exhausted and tritely vying.

Glass is encouraging and poses many wonderous, endless streams of possibilities..For Slump Studio,, glass is our greatest friend and allows us to exist working together as sisters; the greatest friends of all.

 © 2021 Slump Studio 

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